Does Intermittent Fasting Work for Everyone?

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If you have been trying to lose weight, the question you ­are probably asking yourself is does intermittent fasting work for everyone?

Intermittent fasting may work for some people but not everybody. When you go for extended periods without taking any food, it can help you lose fat and enhance your health. However, skipping meals as you continue to eat processed foods will not help you lose weight or enhance your health.

Intermittent fasting is a popular weight-loss method that has been known to help people cut on pounds. Some people find it inconvenient to practice intermittent fasting while others swear by it. Let’s take a deeper look at why IF does work better for some.


Why Does Intermittent Fasting work better for some people?

A new study conducted by researchers at the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine, Loughborough University School of Sport, and Nottingham Trent University School of Science and Technology supports the theory, that Intermittent Fasting works better on some people than others.

The study involved monitoring men for 3 days then comparing a low-calorie diet with a low-calorie day to find out if there is a difference.

  • On the first day, men were allowed to take 700 calories the entire day. A record was kept of the participant’s hunger bouts before and after they took their meals.
  • On the second day, the participants followed a very low-calorie diet and had their physical activity levels taken.
  • The third day which was also the final day, the participants were allowed to take unrestrictive breakfast


The results

According to the researchers of the study, the participants took 6% more food on day one, and 14% during breakfast in the 3-day study. If you are mindful of what you are eating after a calorie restriction period as well as incorporating a workout into diet plans, which enhances the chance of intermittent fasting which leads to weight loss.



Intermittent fasting is not for everyone, especially if you are new to exercise and diet. Also, if you have a history of an eating disorder or do not sleep well, you should not try intermittent fasting. This method of weight loss is not safe for breastfeeding and pregnant women. Some people may struggle without eating for extended periods which is why they should avoid intermittent fasting.  

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1 thought on “Does Intermittent Fasting Work for Everyone?”

  1. Got to agree that intermittent fasting is not for everyone.
    in principle it can work for everyone but for some it is just too tough mentally to stick with consistently over time in order to reach their weight loss goals.
    but for those who can stick with it (it does take discipline) over time it can be a flexible and more enjoyable way to lose weight as it does not restrict any foods.
    but again some people can stick with it while others may really struggle as it can be mentally too tough to not eat anything for 12-24 hours to get into the fasted state and reap the weight loss and fat burning benefits.
    definitely would recommend fasting once or twice a week if you want to start getting into it, as daily fasting may be a little too much for beginners to intermittent fasting.


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